Recurring invoice - feature request => days


Is it possible to add days and not just months and years?

For an example:

We do not have our subscription for the calendar month, but month.

Does it currently work well at the end of the year with the following?

In other words I am not going to get 2019 – 2019 but 2019-2020, right?

Thank you.

  1. Sorry, it isn’t supported

  2. The year would be incorrect in that case

  1. I can enter days manually (except February will limit me from using anything beyond 28 days and I will not be able to use any month with 31 days anyway).
  2. Is there any way how to fix that in the code, please? Like this using MONTH/YEAR on recurring invoices might be unreliable.
  1. Sorry, I’m not aware of a fix