Recurring Expenses


I was just wondering if there’s any plan to support recurring expenses in the future?

For instance, monthly website hosting fees are a good example. It’d be great if I could enter these as an expense each month then use InvoiceNinja for reporting at the end of the tax year.


We don’t have immediate plans to add the feature but we’ll keep it in mind for a future release.


Any news about this subject?
I still can’t add recurring expenses.
I have tried using recurring invoices with negative value, but then it does not allow to mark as paid.
These invoices stay “hung” and are not counted. It does not make any sense.

It’s strange how such a complete program does not have this basic functionality.


Our core competency is invoicing, both task and expenses still need work.

You can track the feature here:

We’re wrapping up work on v3.2. The focus of v3.3 will be payment processing but this will likely be included by v3.4.