Recurring Expenses incorrectly marked as paid

Hello team,

I’m using IN 5.6.5. All recurring expenses, are incorrectly marked as paid, even though I didn’t check the field “mark paid”.

Any suggestions how to fix that? Thanks in advance!


@david any ideas?


It looks like the UI is in charge of configuring the payment type/date based on the mark paid toggle

The UI will show the expense as paid if the payment date is set for the expense.

  • Does the expense have a payment date set?

  • Is the recurring expense mark paid setting enabled?

Thanks for your response.

I created two recurring expenses for testing purposes. One with a date, the other one without. None of them is marked as paid, but the resulting expenses are marked as paid.
Recurring expense with date

Recurring expense without date

Can you check if mark paid is enabled on Settings > Expense Settings, it may be causing the issue.

Thanks for the suggestion, but this field is not enabled.

Ok, we’ll look into it.

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Have you had time to look at the subject in the meantime?

I have been looking into it but I’ve run into an issue getting the recurring expense to generate. It’s on my list to check this.

Quick update, this should be resolved in the next release.

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