Recurring billing configuration?

Hi everyone.

I am new to InvoiceNinja and have a few questions, but first, let me give some background. I run a web design agency and have several packages my customers can subscribe to.

For instance, they can purchase a website package which is a one-time fee, and then a monthly payment for hosting and maintenance. For the first month, they only need to pay the one-time fee for the website, while the payment for the hosting/maintenance will start from the second month.

I am just wondering how I should set this up with InvoiceNinja?

Do I need to create 2 invoices? Creating a normal invoice for the website, which is a once-off, and then a recurring invoice for the hosting/maintenance?

Or can I add both products to a single recurring invoice with some modifications?

I plan to enable the auto bill feature.

Thanks for the help.



You may want to consider creating a payment link which combines the one time and recurring products. Otherwise, you can create a recurring invoice and update it after the first invoice is sent.

Thank you so much. I will try it out.