Recording a Referral Bonus in Invoice Ninja

Hello everyone,

I recently received a bonus of 36 EUR from Google EMEA for referrals. I am wondering how I should record this in Invoice Ninja. Since it’s an inflow rather than an outflow of money, I am unsure how to categorize it under expenses or if there’s another section where such transactions should be recorded.

Has anyone encountered a similar scenario or does anyone have suggestions on how to properly record this referral bonus in Invoice Ninja?

Thank you in advance for your assistance!


The app is designed more for invoicing than accounting.

That said there is basic support for profit/loss, for this to calculate correctly you may want to add Google EMEA as a client and generate a paid invoice for them. Alternatively, you could create a negative expense.

If negative expense is supported by Invoice Ninja, that’s a good enough solution for me.

Thank You!