Record Update Timestamp

I am trying to sync InvoiceNinja with Filemaker, and have had great success, however one issue that seems to be popping up is syncing changes due to timestamp issues.
I know Invoice ninja creates a updated at timestamp is there a way to read what this is other than the numbers? eg a the Timestamp format, so I can adjust the script to set at the same time as the invoice ninja host server.
Because at present it is not updating records when it should be.

On a Sub note. The inivation link does that change for a customer?
Sorry self hosting server

Sorry, I’m not sure I understand your question. If you’re using the API you can add ?updated_at=… to only get records changed since a certain timestamp.

Each contact/invoice has a unique invitation link which by default doesn’t change.

Thanks for Response Hillel,
Yes we are currently using this to get the inv ninja timestamp. however the issues is the server is located in a different time zone, which can mean a delay of 2 hours before a automatic script recognises it has been updated and then updates the records.

Thansk for the invoice invitation link info.

Not sure I follow, the nice thing about timestamps is that the time zone doesn’t mater.

Maybe it’s a different problem?