Receipts instead of Invoices? PDF, etc

Hi guys, I’m a newbie in InvoiceNinja and I’m trying to learn how to use it.
I noticed that this web app is focused mainly on Invoices, Is it possible to replace invoices with receipts?
So, receipt generator with all client data, receipt number (instead of invoice number), receipt date, total to pay, PDF, etc…
I don’t know if I’ve made myself clear.
This is for an Italian non-profit organization that doesn’t need invoices but receipts.
Is this possible?
Thank you!


It isn’t currently supported but feel free to create an issue here:

Thank you @hillel, I’ll do that. Is maybe possible to change the traduction? For example change Invoice with Ricevuta (Receipt in Italian).
if yes where are traduction files in docker installation?

You can customize the labels on Settings > Localization > Custom Labels

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