Reccuring invoice send invoice before applying credit

Hi I have an issue while using reccuring invoice and credit. Use Available credit when available has been set to ‘‘Always’’ that option works but reccuring invoice send an email with a payment due before adding the credit on it. So the client think they have an amount to pay but in reallity the invoice as been paid with the credit remaining.

Look like InvoiceNinja does the job in an inccorect oder.


@david any ideas?

The system will always send the invoice. it will then send a payment email to follow up if that option is selected.

Thx for you reply. I don’t really mind that clients receive a mail but why asking to pay someting that invoice ninja have already considered has paid on the system. Why not sending email with a balance of 0. Clients sending me money while they dont have too. I also tried to disable the auto send email option but then i have to add myself the credit remaining and send the email. This is of course too much effort for an automated system.

Currently in detail whats happenning

  1. Reccuring create an invoice on date configured
  2. Auto email send it to client (with an amount due) asking to pay for the services.
  3. The credit remaining for the client is now used to pay the invoice. ( because the option is enable)
  4. Now clients are confuse and call me.

On my point of view #3 must be call before #2

** Clients never received a payment email (follow up) just an invoice.