React UI Login - API Secret?

I have the API secret configured for login and it works on the old UI. While logged in, I switched to the React UI by pressing the React icon at the top. That worked fine. I then logged out to test KeePassXC integration (it works!) but there is no field on the login page for the API secret so I can’t log in anymore. Am I missing something?

I am on the latest docker build released about 4 days ago (docker image id: 3709c4a7dd33)


@david can you please advise?

We’ll get this added

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Is there a way I can disable the react UI so I can get back in? Maybe some SQL db command?

Here’s the SQL command:

UPDATE accounts SET set_react_as_default_ap = 0;

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Is the API secret is now supported on the React UI login screen? I haven’t tested it yet to avoid getting locked out again. Maybe there is a GitHub issue I can follow?


Yes this has been added in

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Awesome. Just checked it out and it works! Do you know if it is possible to bind KeePassXC to the Secret field? Currently I only have the username and passphrase bound to KeePassXC so the Secret requires a manual copy.


I’ll add it to our backlog to allow autocomplete.