React interface is full of bugs


There are any way to disable this REACT interface? Is full of bugs and i want back to previous Flutter.



You can change back to the Flutter app by running this SQL command.

UPDATE accounts SET set_react_as_default_ap = 0;

If you can provide details for any issues you’re seeing we’ll make sure they’re corrected.

Thanks, is work.

Some of the bug is , Activate Company show is not activate and at Notification you change what notification whant and after Save and Refresh is same


Some help if you can:

How i can change name o Gross line total with something custom


I can’t find option in Localization for customize this line:

Or if you can to put in Romanian translation like in this image:


I also made the switch, and Expenses and Reoccurring Expenses are missing from the menu. Checked Enabled modules, and both are toggled “On”. Viewing Expenses under a Client just loads a blank white space, no table or anything.

@Lionboy you should be able to add a custom translation label.

@classicpatrick not all modules are supported yet with the new app, we’re developing them over time.

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I do custom translation in texts.php


Ok. FYI… the benefit of using a custom label is it will stay in place after updating the app, if you modify the code you would need to keep replying the changes with updates.

I can’t add custom field on Gross line total isn’t there this option.


You can add any label if you use the ‘Add Custom’ option.

Was add but still no translation, is not a problem because i will edit always that texts or i can make a pull request for RO texts.php

This is still broken. Just changed and it couldn’t login with my username and password.