React Customers Documents: Counter, Filter, Order

Hi Ninjas,

I am running v5 selfhosted and using the react WebUI v14.04.2024.1 after i followed your recommendation to switch to React with the last update. Now i face this behaviour in Customers > Documents:

1.) The counter counts up well to 20 documents but then stucks at 20, when more documents are attached/uploaded to the customer.

2.) The filter on the documents swallows the searchstring and seem to act but then the result shown contains all files.

3.) Klicking table headers does not result in any sort/order other than date of the file (youngest last)

This behaviour is shown in Firefox 126.01 and Chromium 125.0.6422.141 (both snap versions) on Xubuntu 22.04.4

BTW: It would be nice to have the upload field right above the table without the need to edit the customer.

Thanks a lot for your work!
Best regards
Marcel Naranjo


@david do you have any thoughts?