React App broken after updating to 5.5.10

Since the internal updater seemed to reapply 5.5.9 rather than update to 5.5.10, I updated manually as per the docs and visited /update?secret=xxxxxxxxx afterwards. This would cause error 500, whereas php artisan optimize returned the following:

In Application.php line 751:

  Class "Barryvdh\Debugbar\ServiceProvider" not found

This was solved by executing composer update barryvdh/laravel-debugbar.

While everything seemed to work fine again, switching to the React App still resulted in a blank page. To restore access I had to set set_react_as_default_ap to 0. In addition to a non-functional React App button there is an ‘upgrade’ button which opens an about:blank tab but doesn’t seem to do anything meaningful.

Since I noticed neither of the buttons showing up on the demo, I reapplied the full 5.5.9 package ( followed by the 5.5.10 source file package (tgz) to no avail. What could be causing these oddities?


I think these problems are related, only the zip file includes the composer vendor files and the React app.

It may help to manually copy over the latest zip file.

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Hi @hillel Thank you for replying. Since the docs specifically state to use the source file package when updating manually I had not tried overwriting from the latest before…

Doing so also resulted in error 500 requiring me to run composer update barryvdh/laravel-debugbar again. The React App is working now, but the broken ‘upgrade’ button is still present. How to get rid of it? And why is the barryvdh/laravel-debugbar package not included? Is this intentional?

@david should the docs be updated?

In general you should use composer install rather than composer update, @david any thoughts on the problem.

We’ll look into the broken upgrade button.

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Thank you @hillel I will be using composer install instead going forward. As for the internal updater, does it indeed only install up to 5.5.9?

It should install the latest version

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Got rid of everything but the ./public/storage/ folder and the ./.env file then redeployed the latest This time the React App worked out of the box not requiring any composer install whatsoever. Can you confirm if the ./public/storage/ folder and the ./.env file are the only mutable data to keep before I revise my notes?

So with this the remaining questions are:

  • Are the ./public/storage/ folder and the ./.env file the only mutable data to keep?
  • How to get rid of the broken ‘upgrade’ button?
  • Does the self updater indeed only install up to 5.5.9?

Thank you very much!

The upgrade button will be corrected in the next release.

@david can you please advise on the other points?

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The self updater will pull in the latest package which currently is 5.5.11
public/storage and .env are the two important directories / files to backup

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Thank you @hillel and @david I gave the self updater another try but it stayed at version 5.5.10 again. Curious as to why it fails despite it reporting that it succeeded. Manually fetching (rather than the source code tgz as per the docs) then restoring the ./public/storage/ directory and the ./.env file has worked great so far.