Quotes have 2 additional blank pages

I am not sure why, a 1 page quote gets an additional blank first and last pages.


Are you using a custom design/does changing the design make a difference?

I am using one of your templates, I have a 12 line terms and conditions - could that be it even though it fits in one page?

I wouldn’t think so, @david do you have any suggestions?

Maybe the template has no page-break within table-cells.

Can anyone help? we have to manually save a PDF, remove the excess pages and email to customers as of now - it’s ridiculous.

Are you able to reproduce the issue in either of the demos:

Replicated quote in both demo environments and the issue does not appear.

I’m not sure, if you can figure out steps to reproduce please create an issue to file the bug.

I isolated the issue to my “quote terms” section. Even though it does not bleed down to an additional page, when the section is filled with all of my terms, I get 2 extra blank pages before and after the quote. In order words, the quote occupies page 2/3 while page 1 and 3 are just blank.

I tried to report a bug but https://invoiceninja.github.io/docs/self-host-troubleshooting/ leads to a 404 page.

Where is that link from?

I posted the link to GitHub above.