Quote vs invoice

Mmh, im new to invoiceninja, so be kind if this is obvious
My client’s (who woke with special needs adults) desired workflow is

  • send a quote to a student
  • student approves quote
  • auto create invoice
  • auto send invoice to students financing body - but the student cannot see my clients address (safeguarding reason), but funding body need it on every invoice (auditing/compliance requirement)

I know most of this path is possible, but is the address disclose/withold bit possible? It does not really matter if the student sees the money value, although preferrable not, but clearly the funding body does need to see it
TIA, James


@david is this possible using TWIG templates?

Twig will support any customization out of the box.

I noticed im on 5.7 and currently running upgarde to 5.8. Does that version include twig?

Hi @david and @hillel
I have upgraded to 5.8.3, but dont see TWIG - when do you expect that enhancement to be released?

@david - did you see this?


Twig templating will be available once some internal hurdles over feature set are finalized.

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