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Hi All,

Is there a way to convert a Quote to a project?
I can only convert it to a invoice, but al my quotes are a estimate of hours.
I work on a subsequent calculation, where the client can have more or less hours on a invoice.
So i invoice from Project instead of Quotes’.

It will be really nice to see that a Quote can also be converted to a Project.

Thanks for the reply.


Can you please provide more details, how would the fields from the quote be mapped to the project?

Hi @hillel,

Thanks for the response.
I will answer this upcoming week with examples.

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Hi @hillel,

Something like this would be nice.



Typically what I have done is send a quote with 1 labor hour stating this our Time & Materials rate. The quote gets accepted and I archive it.


What would be nice is if I can take the Quote details and apply it towards a Project. For example, the client name gets pre-filled with the task rate and the quote number gets populated in the private or public notes section.

So the process would look like this:

Create quote → send quote → accept quote → convert quote to project and archive quote → work on project → convert to invoice

@david any thoughts on this?

Project to Quote and Quote to Project would be pretty cool.

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