Quote to Project: invoice quote price and tasks

Hello, I’m working with projects in this way:

  • I send a quotation to client, with some product lines and prices.
  • After approval, I convert quote to project and start working.
  • While the work is done, some additional tasks and expenses are added to the project.

At project ending, I’d like to issue an unique invoice with:

  • Original quoted price
  • Additional tasks and expenses

Is this possible? If I’m using it properly I think it forces me to issue 2 different invoices, one from the quote section and another one from the project section.

Thank you.


I think your best option is to convert the quote to an invoice and then add the tasks from the project.

The only option to add tasks to existing invoice is from the task screen? Can I do it from projects or invoice?

Thank you.

You can filter the task list by the project and then bulk-select the tasks and use the “Add to invoice” action.