Quote and Invoicing Templates

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I am planing to generate PDFs as quotes and invoices which will be sent to the customers manually.

Do I understanc correctly that I would use the PDF customization to adapt my PDF design:

However, we have customers who are supposed to receive quotes and invoices in different languages. What would be the recommended way to have different templates depending on the language of the customer?
Is there a way to have language specific templates or would I have to add the language logic in the templates with a lot of if-statements?

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You can create customers groups in settings

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Thanks a lot.
So the concept is to define customer groups for certain languages, put the customers in this group and within the group settings define the invoice templates.

So the basic concept of these groups (Free Source Available Invoicing, Expenses & Time-Tracking | Invoice Ninja) is to somehow inherit settings for customers. This really sounds like a very helpful concept.

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edit: Hm, too bad. A customer can only have one group. This again limits the flexibility a lot. Anyways…