Queue not enabled even added cron

Hi please let me know which cron job code that Im missed to fix the Queue. The screenshot attached is my current enabled cron

You’ll need to update your .env file and set


Yes it already set to QUEUE_CONNECTION=database
but still showing Queue not enabled


It may be that your cache needs to update you can use from the command line

php artisan cache:clear


php artisan optimze

of from a URL

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Hi what should o put next to secret= ?

The value for the secret is in the env file, it may be blank

The secret is not blank.

After running

php artisan optimize

The UI is non-responsive, and I can’t login anymore even in another browser.

Is /update loading for you? You can add ?clear_local=true to force a logout in the app.

It may help to test with the desktop or mobile app.

it was an issue with my browser, but after restarting it works fine. but still “Queue not enabled” is not solved yet

I have done most of the solutions but nothing work, even I tried to install the Invoice Ninja app from there also it showed Queue not enabled.

As this is really important for us to solve, we running a batch class from Salesforce to create an account and invoices (per batch 100 accounts) once invoices create it assigns to payment and once the status becomes paid it sends an email to all the customers. As we tested customers getting emails but very slowly. do you think Queue work is okay? as we getting emails. but the only issue is the time length and few customers didn’t get an email

If you changed the .env file you need to either load /update?secret= or run php artisan config:clear

I have done that too, but no luck

What value do you see set for the queue in the health check dialog?

this what i can see


Which version of the app are you using?

php version 8.1

App (mac) version 5.0.114(114)

It may help to upgrade to the latest version.

@david do you have any suggestions?

current version updated to - v5.5.117-C115
but still, Queue not enabled

I think I see the problem, it looks like you have two QUEUE_CONNECTION settings in the .env file.

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:rofl: :rofl: Yes you are right,
I have found two QUEUE_CONNECTION, after removing one issue solved.
Thanks a Lot

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Hi after enabling QUEUE_CONNECTION=database
customers not getting any email, it was working when it was QUEUE_CONNECTION=sync

(current email provide default)
any solution to fix it?