Questions about Task

My clients purchase block prepaid support hours where I keep track using a Google excel drive link. Each client receives their own Google drink link.

I was playing around with the Task section today and I like how simple it is and might work for my needs to replace the Google drive links. My question is, is there a way to make these tasks available within the clients portal so they can see the task that were completed and how many hours that have been used etc.

It will be great if there is a withdraw block hours option.

Or is there a way to make task visible to the clients?

Thank you


There’s an option on Settings > Task Settings to show the tasks in the client portal.

Thanks @hillel, silly me I completed missed that.

Another question, I have enabled “Show Task Item Description” and was wondering if there is a way to provide more information about the task description within the clients portal. As it stands, the client portal shows the “description” of the task “upper right box” when creating a task but I want to be able to provide or showcase to the client what contained in the task.

Thank you

Not currently but we’re looking into it for a future release.

cc @david

Thank you. That would be an awesome change. Keep up the great work.

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If this was enabled:


would it be safe to assume that it could also be displayed in the client portal?

Hi @david, absolutely. If that settings is to be enabled which mine is and its content gets displayed in the client portal than that would solve this request. Thanks

I think it’ll be safe to add this IF client portal is enabled for tasks + task item description is also enabled - i’ll get it added in for the next release


Hi @david,

This is great. Is there a way to also include the “Task Number” to client portal view? Any code that I can update in the meantime to make this happen? Thank you kindly