Questions about having multiple contacts per client


I have a few questions regarding having multiple contacts for one client.

  1. Could it be possible to reorganize the contacts so that one in particular is added as contact info when multiple contacts are selected during invoice creation? As of now, as far as I can tell, only the first contact created will have its contact info on the invoice, regardless of whether it’s the actual one I want there. For instance, for client X, if I created a contact info for person A and then person B comes along and says “please address your invoices to me from now on”, I can add his info as a 2nd contact and check his box during invoice creation, but then I can no longer send my emails also to person A; and if I select both contacts, only person A will appear on the invoice, since it was created earlier.

  2. Is there a way to add a contact info to an invoice and then send it to another contact? Quite often, I have to address an invoice to the president of a company but then I would deal directly with someone else under him/her, which will forward my invoice internally. With IN as of now, I am not able to select a contact info for the invoice and another contact info for the communications.

  3. Could there be an option to list several names on one invoice when several contacts are selected? Let’s say an invoice is shared between two partners, who are both entered as contacts: selecting the two and then checking an option could make both their names appear on the invoice, with the rest of the contact info on there being the company/client info instead of the the contact info. For now I have a custom field that allows me to add more names next to the checked contact for an invoice, but I wish there was a better, more intuitive way.



  1. You can edit the client to set which contacts are included by default on the invoice.

2/3. This isn’t currently supported, we’ll keep it in mind for the future.

cc @david

Thanks for your answer @hillel.

About #1, what if I want to select several contacts to send the invoice to, but I want to choose the name that appears on the invoice? Currently, in my experience, the “Add to Invoices” toggle only controls what contact box is checked by default on invoice creation, not which contact actually appears on the invoice when several are manually checked - and in my experience, that’s always the first in the list, even if a newer one may be more adequate.

@david any thoughts on this?

The functionality doesn’t exist, but you could use custom fields as a workaround to display the contact you wish to show on the invoice.

@david and would you eventually consider adding such functionality? Custom fields are indeed a solution to the problem of differentiating email recipients from contacts printed on invoices, but then that removes the contact autofill provided by the software when creating the invoice, which is one of the reasons to use that kind of software in the first place, Imo. Manually filling up contact info every time an invoice is created would indeed get tiresome quickly.

As a middle ground, could custom fields overlap the contact area of an invoice if it is filled up? Or maybe a toggle could help with that, such as “replace contact info with custom info”, on a per invoice basis?