Question: Trigger email of invoice when status changes to "Paid"

Is this workflow trigger possible? The target flow is:

  1. Recurring invoice created monthly as “Sent” with no auto email
  2. User payments are driven by them on bank transfers to us
  3. We bulk load payments received which updates status to “Paid”
  4. System sends the normal initial invoice email to client showing balance = 0.00

I can’t see any obvious way but uncertain if there’s any API hooks etc? For instance it would be relatively trivial to have a db query run to look for paid invoices and issue a “send email” call (if that existed). I suspect not and it’s not a major issue by any stretch, just looking to minimise manual interventions.



  1. You’d want to uncheck auto-email in the workflow settings on Settings > Invoice Settings
    3/4. The web UI doesn’t support bulk uploading payments, you’d either need to use a third party app like Integromat or the API

The app does support web hooks, they can be created on Settings > API Tokens

Oops - I was certain bulk load payments was supported… that will teach me :slight_smile:

I followed the link in the “latest” docs for API-TOKENS:

Unfortunately for me, that just leads back to the same place - is there a different URL with that info?



Awesome - thank you so much!