Question regarding partial payment workflow

Please help me understand the workflow surrounding partial payments.


  • I can’t use the “client portal”, which is unpopular in my country / industry - customers won’t use it
  • I customized all the email templates to my liking (here: settings - templates & reminders)
  • I prefer to follow-up on outstanding amounts myself, I don’t need the “auto” emailing features


  • I create a quote or invoice for $100 and specify a partial payment for $30 (Partial/Deposit field). I choose to email that document, and choose the “Initial Email” template (corresponds to the Quote or Invoice email template)
  • The customer pays the deposit
  • I enter a payment for $10 against the invoice
  • My records now show a partial payment of $10, and the outstanding balance decreases to $70
  • Once the job is done, I’ll contact the customer to pay the balance

How do I do that?

  1. If I choose to email the invoice again, which template do I use: “Initial Email” (obviously not this), “First/Second/Third Reminder”, “First/Second/Third Custom”? The other templates (“Payment”, “Partial Payment”) are not shown, strangely enough.
  2. the PDF still shows the full amount - the deposit is not subtracted from the total (according to github issues I’ve read the expectation is that the balance would be updated?)

Thank you in advance for any guidance.

(If there are any v5 docs for this that I’ve missed, please point me to them?)


  1. The payment emails are sent automatically by the system when a payment is entered.

  2. @david any thoughts on this?

I see an issue, we aren’t updating the invoice PDFs after a payment is applied, i’ll check a fix in.

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@hillel Okay that is one riddle solved - I will not use Payment and Partial payment templates, as they don’t apply to me (and First Reminder sends automatically so I won’t use that either).

So I will customize First Custom to my liking as the “please pay me the balance” email.

david Weird I thought the PDFs were generated “as needed”, rather than immediately. (Wouldn’t this cause a never ending need for disk space?)

@david In the meantime I found a workaround:

Once I make a payment, I then “edit” the invoice, immediately click “save”. Then when I choose “view pdf” or “email invoice”, the partial payment is shown correctly under “Paid to Date”.

I guess what I’m doing is “forcing” an update.

@zoup the latest release should fix this

I just installed v41 because I wanted this fix. But the result is the same:

Create invoice … Enter Payment … View PDF / Email Invoice …

Paid to Date: 0.00
Total         <as before>

And the various $variables I use in the email/pdf templates also are the same.

@david I now tried v42 and have the same outcomes. Am I using it properly?

My experience is that after putting a payment in, the pdf does not reflect it. I always force it by doing a bogus edit-save step.

@zoup, i can confirm you are correct. I’ve checked in a fix, it will be available in the next release.


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I think there is a problem with the docker releasing. Because v43 tagged release is not on dockerhub yet.

I’ve tagged a release in the dockerfiles, it is building now

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I can confirm that this seems to work now. Thank you so much!