Question regarding archive quote/invoice

I realize that the “delete” function will delete a quote/invoice and the next one will use the next id number. It also will disappear from the system.

But what is the use case for the “archive” feature? When should I use that feature, what does it do?

I’m afraid to test it on my system because I don’t want to mess up something by mistake.


If you archive an invoice it’s removed from the main lists but still applies to the balance and can be viewed by your client. When you delete an invoice it’s removed from the balance and can no longer be seen by your client.

And why would someone archive a transaction to begin with? Sorry if it sounds like a stupid question.

If you have many records it can be easier to view/manage your active records by archiving the inactive ones.

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Oh okay sort of like archiving old emails so they don’t appear in your inbox anymore (but they’re still around if you need them)… I get it now, thanks!