Question about reports in v5

I used to be able to easily create reports with v4 but it seems this isn’t yet implemented in v5 or am i missing the point? I used to be able to generate a report for the past year showing paid invoices across all currencies.

Will this feature end up in v5 eventually?

v4 sample:


This is possible in the v5 reports, you can now set per column filters.

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Sorry, I didn’t see that filter, was looking everywhere except there :slight_smile:

Please allow me a few related follow-up questions:

What exactly does age mean? Its pretty messed up. Maybe the import from v4 to v5 did this?

After an export to CSV - why is there currency in a date field, why is the age a date and what is column “h”?

Meanwhile I figured out age is shown as “days overdue” apparently.
But all the rest makes me doubt my move to v5 :frowning: I mean I use these reports and the invoices for tax declarations and I need them accurate.

Any hints regarding my questions? The migration went smooth and the report said nothing was wrong:

ok, I can explain this:


The invoice was for “R1,576” and Excel used the “,” thinking it indicated a different column :frowning:

Thanks, that should be easy to fix

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Here is another related question, maybe I am wrong about this but I am simply trying to understand how IN v5 works.

Does it really make sense to add up the age of all invoices?

And if I filter by the age i.e. 0-30 days what is that age value of 0.235… meant to tell me?

Are you sure it’s the sum, it may be the average?

Ah, I see, so that is the average age of unpaid invoices, it seems to only calculate it for those.

I think that’s correct, paid invoices have an age of 0 since they are no longer due