Question about invoicing goods / Gross Profit

Hi there,

I run a computer repair business.

In a typical situation, the customer needs a part to repair their device so I would charge for the part and labour. I would typically add a bit of profit margin onto the part too.

So lets say I need to order a battery and it costs $100 but I want to sell it for $120. I would therefore make $20 profit.

I would also add my labour fee onto the invoice, something like “Repair Labour”, $50 for example. So in this example, the invoice total would be $170 but I would only make $70 profit.

I want to know how to correctly use invoiceninja and structure my invoices so when I view reports for profit and loss, I can see what my real profit is excluding those goods (gross profit).

How can I achieve this?


Sorry, it isn’t currently supported.

As a workaround you may be able to add a custom field to track the actual cost. You’d need to export the data to analyse it though.

Thanks for the reply.

I added a custom field which I added under Task Fields. This way I can enter the cost price that won’t appear on the PDF invoice.

However, when I export the CSV I don’t see the data in the custom fields so I can’t work with the data.

How can I get the custom field to appear in exported CSV reports?

I found that if I run a CSV report for “Product” and not “Invoice” I can see the custom field data I’m after and analyse it in excel.

Ignore my reply about the task field. I wasn’t understanding before how the custom fields work but now I see you can create a custom field for each section…Invoice, Expense, Task etc. and you can choose whether or not that appears on the invoice or not. So by adding a custom product field (cost price) and not showing it on the invoice, when exporting the CSV report for product and doing some math to deduct it from the sale price, it works as I intended. Would be great to have the ability for cost price/sale price in the future built right into InvoiceNinja, but for now I can export reports and calculate my gross/net profit manually. Thanks for the help.