Quantity delimiter change from dot to comma?


Can anyone tell me where to change current quantity delimiter (dot) to comma?

Thank you very much!


The value is determined here:


Note: these files are concatenated using Grunt, iff you’re not familiar with Grunt you can update the code in public/built.js.

Thank you again Hillel.

var qty = NINJA.parseFloat(item.qty) ? roundToTwo(NINJA.parseFloat(item.qty)) + '' : '';

what exactly I need to change in that line to get comma instead of dot.

Also what happens to those custom code changes as osticket update comes?

Thank you very much!

I’m sorry, you’ll need to hire a PHP developer.

Any manual changes will get overwritten when you update.

Or in this particular case someone who knows JavaScript.

Thank you for reply.

I can actually live with dot:) It’s just our numeric keyboard has comma and it’s simpler to type that jumping to keyboard. I thought it would be a simple quick fix.


Dear Hillel.

Speaking about features and updates.

We (and others as well) would use some features (for example, for Agents with Limited ticket access to ONLY assigned tickets to be able to view their closed tickets as we have returning customers) and maybe something else in the future. Of course we can not expect you to jump on it and do it, therefore I’m asking you if there any paid custom modifications of osTicket available? Of course I don’t mind the feature is used publicly after being paid.

I have a PHP programmer that most likely would fix this, but it that goes overwritten by next update, same problem can happen with every update.

Thank you very much.


It’s possible we’d merge a pull requests but we’d need more details to let you know in advance.

We don’t support tickets (unless you mean invoices) and aren’t planning on adding it.

I’m sorry. Ticket question was not for you. Wrong forum :slight_smile:

However, hiring the PHP programmer and changing the code manually is not a problem. But it becomes a problem with every new update as you said the changes will get overwritten. So the only sensible way would be to put in inside settings or inside the database.

Thank you