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Dear Invoice Ninja Team, first of all thank you for this wonderful project. It helps me and my wife to save time. I have found out that the $spc_qr_code doesn’t work any more. I am using snappdf but phantom doesn’t recognize the $spc_qr_code sniper as an image too.

It seems like there is no working solution for this function at the moment?

Since I am not savvy in JS/html I kindly ask you to provide a solution/documentation on how to implement this function in order to get the payment with the QR code working.

It is a very important function for me because people in EU use it very often.

Please help.

Hey @vigorio
That’s how I create the QR Code:

 <img src="https://chart.googleapis.com/chart?cht=qr&chl=$spc_qr_code&chs=200x200&chld=L|0"
           class="qr-code img-thumbnail img-responsive" />

In case you need a proper Swiss QR code invoice: I hired a freelancer to create a template. I’m happy to send it to you for a coffee or two :wink:


Dear lucaw, thank you for your message! You helped me a lot. With your hint I could create the right QR code. I needed the European SEPA Payment QR code. Here is what I could do, maybe someone will find this useful:

<p><img src="https://chart.googleapis.com/chart?cht=qr&chl=BCD%0A002%0A1%0ASCT%0YOURBICORSWIFT%0AYOURCOMPANY%0AYOURIBAN%0A EUR$amount%0A%0A$number&chs=170x170&chld=L|0" class="qr-code img-thumbnail img-responsive" /></p>

Thank you again for your hint and help!


@lucaw Just curious, would you mind sharing a screenshot of your custom invoice template?

Hey @gsm
Sure, there you go:

The QR invoice part is always on a new page.

neat, thanks for sharing

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Hey @vigorio
I have improved the QR-Code-Generation by setting defining custom fields:

<p><img src="https://chart.googleapis.com/chart?cht=qr&chl=BCD%0A002%0A1%0ASCT%0A$company1%0A$company.name%0A$company2%0AEUR$amount%0A%0A$number&chs=170x170&chld=L|0" class="qr-code img-thumbnail img-responsive" /></p>

and added:

<p>Pay with QR-Code<br>BCD 002 1 SCT $company1 $company.name $company2 
 EUR$amount $number</p>

which renders e.g. to this output:

Pay with QR-Code
BCD 002 1 SCT GENFENCE005 Dummy Ltd. DX5435645665756794355 EUR13.509,61 EUR 1152273997583

The $amount is formated by invoiceninja via localisation settings and not raw like

$balance_due_raw - Unformatted balance due label/value

which let my Tests via QR-Code app fail. The amount is not recognized – everything else is fine. Does this work in your Setup? It shound be


instead of

13.509,61 EUR

@hillel , @ben do you think we can get a $amount_raw which fits this needs?

8 EUR123.45 Zahlungsbetrag (Format „EUR#.##“, zwischen 0.01 und 999999999.99, optional)
EPC-QR-Code – Wikipedia



I’ll add add $amount_raw, is there a reason $balance_due_raw isn’t suitable for this use case?

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Hey @david

this particular QR-Code can only deliver one invoice-no to which the total corresponds.
When I check my accounting I see e.g. R00012 – 13454.56EUR only the particular tasks are contained.
I use balance_due for (psychological) information to my customer, that there is more money in due but not primarly for payment. At least I have the choice to switch – so thank you very much for this.

Hey @david

Sorry to @cdahinten for off topic question but i need help on how to ask @david my own questions and i dont know how to as i am new to this forum or any other

Do i have to create a topic in order to ask a question?
or do i just budge into an existing conversation like this?
What do i do if i have a list of Questions say about 5 Questions that i need help on for my Version 5 Self Hosted Installation Setup ?.

Please start a new thread

Hi, please could you share your templates or give me a tip to implement support for Swiss QR invoices in my self-hosted Invoice Ninja installation.
I’m still using version 4, but I’d like/could upgrade to version 5 in the future.

Thank you for this thread.

I got it running beautifully on Edit Design page.

But the QR code won’t load in LIVE PREVIEW.

But after the Invoice is saved it will work again for View PDF, download and Client portal.

Obviously something in live preview is missing or it is in the wrong format in order for the code to generate QR image.

What might be missing is:

That’s the only thing I need, else is hardcoded in the code.

Any suggestions or workarounds?

Thank you

DearLucaw, I would be delighted to get some help to impliment the QR code Swiss version into invoice Ninja, v5.

I do not understand html… stuff and have spent 3hours to no avail. Happyfor coffee or twint… let me know, thanks

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Thanks for this hint, i was already panicking when it wasnt showing in live preview!

I am also interested @lucaw to see how this works. Sharing it with the community or implementing it directly to InvoiceNinja would be awesome but I also will happily send you a coffee on twint :slight_smile:

In the meantime it is implemented, see: Free Source Available Invoicing, Expenses & Time-Tracking | Invoice Ninja
Although I think that my implementation is more beautiful, as it’s using the full page width.

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