Qr-code in a second page

Hello there,

I found a nice way with the QR-code for the invoice, but, my problem now is when I have some products/services the numbers go over the section of the QR-code and I was looking for a code or something that makes the QR-code in the second page of the PDF if the content is too large. (printscreen)

I saw that there’s a “pagebreak” code, but, I have no Idea how or where to put it.

Can someone help me with that?

<div class="page-break"></div>

Hello Lucaw…

but, there’s an “If” somewhere?
because, how it will know where to break the page?

Hi @cavetech

In the “Content-Section” (after the last closing div):

<div class="page-break" contenteditable="false"></div>

<div style="position: fixed; margin-top: 172mm; width: 100%;">

This makes always a Page Break and put the SwissQR on the next page to the bottom.

In the "Includes-Section“:

    @page {
        margin-left: 0cm;
        margin-right: 0cm;
        margin-top: 2cm;
        margin-bottom: 0cm;
        size: $page_size $page_layout;

    @page :first {
        /* You can only change the size, margins, orphans, widows and page breaks here */

        /* Paper size and page orientation */
        size: A4 portrait;

        /* Margin per single side of the page */
        margin-left: 0cm;
        margin-top: 0cm;
        margin-right: 0cm;
        margin-bottom: 2cm;

    /* Defines a class for manual page breaks via inserted .page-break element */
    div.page-break {
        page-break-after: always;
    #qr-bill {
        width:100% !important;
        box-sizing: border-box;
        border-collapse: collapse;
        color: #000;

    #qr-bill td {
        max-width: none;

This defines the SwissQR that it shows the whole page width and sets the Margin for the 1st page and all other pages.

I hope this could solve your question…


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Hello @checkitsedo ,

Thank you… yes, that helps…

I don’t really want to do the page break always, just in the case where I put a lot of content int the first page so… Something conditional… I’ll try with this…

But, thanks…

Hello @checkitsedo ,

It doesn’t work.
The QR-code appears in 2 pages, not just in the second one!.