Purchase orders - off topic

I know this is a off topic, but how do you handle Purchase orders.

Invoice Ninja is perfect for Income. Would be nice to have something like it for Outcome.

A feature where I would create a Purchase order and send it to our vendor with an upload option to fill in their payment data and to attach the invoice would be great.

This will also be great for Income and Outcome balance statistics.

Just an idea.

Thank you


Thanks for the suggestion, it’s definitely worth considering…

I’m just browsing the web trying to find a service/app for Purchase orders. Similar like Invoice Ninja but for Purchase orders. So far I wasn’t been able to find anything useful. Maybe a good idea to get ahead of competition even more and get new customers for hosted solutions. I would assume many companies wants to have a control and overview over their outcome too.

Thank you


I have two customers asking for this too.

Please consider it as a new feature.

It would be fantatic if the Invoice Ninja team could add this feature

Feel free to create an issue on our GitHub repo. Ideally with a clear description of the implemention details, I’m not familiar with the purchase order process.


Pursuant to Hillel’s request, I just posted (the very broad outline of) a feature request to GitHub:

Those of you interested in Purchase Orders, please submit implementation ideas there.

If you are not already a member, please note GitHub registration is free.


Invoice Ninja has all the parts already made vendors, Expanses etc… It just needs to be connected the right way.

Purchase order is basically a controlled system for outgoing money. The opposite way it is now. Outgoing money is simple when the company is small, but when you get more people involved it can get messy without a good workflow and a system.

So there are a few key factors.

-without a purchase order no one can send the invoice. Only after you send vendor a purchase order they can send you an invoice containing a purchase order #

inside there are a few important fields

-which person sends the Purchase order (held responsible within the company)
-to which person it is addressed (responsible on the vendor’s side)
-products, services, items that are to be invoiced with a total amount (same as creating an invoice now)
-instructions about how to prepare the invoice and where to send the invoice. (terms)
-The best would be to allow the invoice to be uploaded to us via the Client panel.

In addition to that the client portal could have a section with Invoices paid by us.

Also there could be an option for early payments with discounts for example:
30 days payment = no discount
15 days payment = 10 % discount
7 days payment = 15% discount


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Thanks Dali,
I do think there are some missing features;

  • A purchase order document needs to be created as pdf to send to the supplier
  • Each PO created needs an automatically generated PO number
  • The PO should refer to a Project as well as a client, so Project Ref should be in as standard or able to be added as a custom field (more generally, projects could be better supported in IN)
  • A PO could refer to the supplier’s quote so there should be a field for their quote ref
  • It should then be a main feature to tick each expense as it invoice by the supplier and paid by us to the supplier
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Indeed Joe.

Many more exciting features can be added to make Invoice Ninja even greater.

Thankn you.


has any of this been added? I’d be happy if along with the approval button they get a section to give me a po number when the sign