Purchase Order Help/Purchase Inventory Online

When buying from online vendors that I use a website to buy from how do I receive the inventory? I create purchase orders but that is for sending out a email to the vendor to accept. Example. Orders from Amazon. Thanks


Once a purchase order is accepted you can use the “Add to inventory” action. If you aren’t using purchase orders to track the purchase I think you’d need to manually adjust the inventory level of the product.

@david do you have any suggestions? This use case may be good to consider for the future.

Okay, Thanks for the response. I did figure that part out but when I order items from a website, I have no email or anyone to accept the order it’s just automatically placed and shipped out to me. Think just need an option to just complete the order without having someone to accept the order. Thanks

It can be done manually by using the “Vendor portal” link to the view the PO and then click ‘Accept’.