Proposals, Tickets, and Other Modules in V5

I was wondering if the modules above have been nixed or are still in consideration for Invoice Ninja v5.


Tickets are definitely front and center of our roadmap. Proposals we haven’t finalized our decision yet however.

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That will definitely be great to have the Tickets module. v4 proposals were a little tideous to edit on the fly, so I have been using 2 systems but would love to use Invoice Ninja for more than a couple products. I hope an easy method (maybe using Ajax) can be fashioned for proposals. I’m sure there’s demand for it.

I probably misspoke. The proposal feature in v4 is actually quite good. I have not explored it seriously before. Looks like my VA can also edit templates in Invoice Ninja.

+1 for Proposals!
I didn’t get a chance to fully use it in v4 before I moved to v5 (self hosted) but once I went to use on it v5, I was a little bummed to see it hadn’t made it yet.

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