Proposals in v5


Is there a feature in v5 to create Proposals like how it was in v4?



Not yet, but we’re looking into it for the future.

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2y later is enough future?

Im asking because the main feature that makes IN to stand out from other options, IMO, is the proposal feature.

Do you have a final word on the proposal module for v5? At least give us some tutorial to add a rich text field into the quotes… maybe.

Either way invoice ninja is a great product.

We don’t currently have plans to add proposals. v5 PDF supports HTML/CSS which can be used to create rich text. You can also enable the markdown option on Settings > Account Management.

What is the reason for not adding Proposal module in V5?
It worked well in V4 and clients found it an easy process to accept, sign and get the deposit invoice.

There were two main reasons:

  • The library we used to implement the feature in v4 wasn’t compatible with the language/framework in v5.
  • It wasn’t a highly adopted feature.

That said, the invoice design in v5 if much easier to customize if you know HTML/CSS. It should be possible to create custom designs which look similar to the proposals in v4.