Proper permissions

What is the permissions for the storage folder ? Mine are set to 777 and i was getting an insecure error from plesk.

Version: 4.5.37



We recommend 755

I change the storage to 755, (this is a softaculous install with plesk)
Same message as before I changed permissions
One or more files or directories in the root directory of the domain
‘sitename’ are either writable by anyone or neither readable
nor writable by the owner. Such permissions are insecure and may
result in or indicate a security breach,

when I run plesk repair fs siteame after changing permissions

I never used to get this error when checking or changing permissions.


I’m not sure, has anything changed?

Nothing changed, still getting the error above ,Im just wondering if Softaculous requires 777 for various folders as I ran another installation i noticed same permissions, storage folder, template files in 777, gitignores etc.