Project name not aligning in invoice


Started using Projects option with Tasks, very useful and it looks promising with regards to workflows, etc. The only niggle I’ve encountered is the Project name causes the invoice layout to become misaligned. The first sub-total of the first Task no longer lines up.

I’ve tried reducing the Project name font and length but it still occurs. Seems like it should be in a line above the Tasks, but it ends up as the first item, as sometimes it replaces the first Task name. The sub-total remains though.

Any tips on what to try as this is quite annoying with regards to the invoice looking professional.



@ben any thoughts to adjust the alignment?

Hi @hillel, @ben

it’s been quite a time passing since my latest tests with this values to workaround the lack of project reference on invoices. In v5.3.22-C59 it seem quite resolved but not propper formated like here in @Andrew issue.

$ - Project name label/value  
$project.number - Project number /value  

I think it could help everyone out to expand the $project-variables an make them working if invoice is done via

Project → Project Invoice

and use them in the invoice template body.

They could look like:

$project.user_name …

I tested this:

but the the varibles are not rendered wether with tasks in the project nor with no tasks in the project:

or at least show project name in separate line or exclude from the task table an put it above the table.
or have an option to include/exclude project-related infos on invoices.

Maybe this help to improve the project workflow further.
Kind regads

Just noticed if I go beyond the invoice preview pdf of the project and and try to view the pdf proper the pdf generation fails. If I delete the project title from the invoice the pdf generation works fine.

Also noticed if I remove the hash marks ## preceding the project title the pdf is generated. Doesn’t fix the layout issue, but all part of the puzzle perhaps?


Thanks for reporting this.

cc @david @ben