Proforma Invoice option


I wanted to generate “Proforma Invoice” (like a draft invoice, but should be marked as Proforma Invoice).

I am thinking to create a custom template and use it. But, unable to change the text in the template from “Invoice” to “Proforma Invoice”.

Please suggest.



I believe some people use quotes for this purpose.

In India, buyers ask for Proforma Invoice for making an advance payment.

Quote used for indicating the price.
Proforma invoice is a preliminary bill or estimated invoice which is used to request payment from the committed buyer for goods or services before they are supplied.

Is there a way to change the text in the template ?

You can either set custom labels on Settings > Localization or use a custom design.

Localization will change all the templates.

I want to go with custom design. I did create a custom design, but, unsure on how to modify the word from “Invoice” to “Proforma Invoice”.
Can you please explain in detail.

Which design is your custom design based on?

We are using “Calm” template.

You can change $entity_label on the body tab to change ‘Invoice’ to something else.

Thanks a lot. It worked.

How can I change the text “Invoice Number” to something like “Pro-Inv Number” in the custom template?

You’d need to either set a custom label or replace the field stack with individual fields/labels.

Can you please elaborate on this.

You’d need to remove this line of code:

<table id="entity-details" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" dir="ltr"></table>

And replace it with hard coded labels and variables.

Thank you hillel. It worked perfectly.

Replaced with the below code.

<table id="entity-details1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" dir="ltr">
        <tr><td>Proforma Number</td>
        <tr><td>Proforma Date</td>
        <tr><td>Due Date</td>

And also changed all “entity-details” entries under under “Includes” to “entity-details1”.

I hope, I have used the correct variables. Can you please confirm.

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Glad to hear it, it looks correct to me.

Thanks a lot for your support and detailed explanation.