Profit and Loss report for a Project?

Is there a way to see PnL for a project?
I was able to use Report section for PNL and then group for Client. But if there are multiple projects in one client, that wouldn’t work.


Which app are you using?

I’m on Flutter, latest…

Thanks, we can look into adding the project to the P&L report.

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That’s awesome. Should I fill out the feature request on github?

I’ve looked into this, the problem I’ve run into is that although expenses can be linked to a project payments are not.

Wouldn’t adding a task to an invoice (single invoice for the project) register the payment on invoice to the project?

An invoice could contain tasks for multiple projects and a payment can be linked to multiple invoices.

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I see, so assign the payment back to projects would be rather hard. Especially if tasks are not billed exactly to time spent. Like many companies charge an hour minimum (even if they been on site for 15min).

Dead end.