Products question

Still sorta-new to Invoice Ninja and I’ve run into my first dilemma. I do computer work for a few people and occasionally want to sell computers. These will be custom build systems. My plan was to make a product called something like “PC System” and leave the notes/price blank, and fill those in on a per-transaction basis, since each system will be comprised of different hardware and come out to a different price. My goal was to save time compared to creating possibly hundreds of different products, many of which will only ever be used once. The problem is, once I add that product to an invoice and fill in the notes/price, it changes the base product globally rather than on that particular invoice. I guess I just didn’t expect this behavior. Is there some way to create a more generic product that can be edited per-transaction and NOT update the product globally? Or am I stuck making product entries for every single thing?
Thanks everyone for any feedback!

I swear I’m not an idiot… but I think I just found the setting to do what I’m looking for. I really have no idea how I didnt notice this til IMMEDIATELY after I posted.