Product-table header missing when generating invoice

I don’t know if it’s just me but for any invoice designs I choose, the product-table header (Item, Description, Unit Cost, Quantity, Line Total) doesn’t show in any invoice I generate.
The header does show fine in the Invoice Designer however. I tried with all the unaltered stock designs.

Can anyone confirm this?



The latest version is v5.1.47, it may help to update.

@ben do you have any thoughts?


I just updated to 5.1.47 and it’s still the same I’m afraid.

Hey there, can you please check the value of repeating headers/footers?

Settings > Invoice Design > Invoice Options


When you switch it to the First page for headers & footers, does the issue still persist? Thanks.

It’s interesting you bring this up because I have it on “All pages”.
But the bug actually seems to be from the “Empty Columns” setting which was set to “Hide”.
After setting it to “Show”, the headers now show up.
If I set it to “Hide” again, the header gets hidden.
So probably not the intended effect I think.

But anyways, thanks for suggesting the Invoice options page or else I would have never thought of trying the “Empty Columns” setting :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting this. Do you mind posting this on GitHub & reporting it as an issue?

Check if you have something in Products tab inside of your invoice design. Content of this tab should be empty. For me, it made rows except header not appearing.

I mean this: image

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Will do.

It’s empty. I was using the stock themes anyway, so I think they all come empty by default.
Thanks for the warning.

Hi @ben
May I know where can find this page?
I can’t find in Invoice Desgin.
when my invoices are more than 1 page, the header and footer are not repeated.
Please help

I am using self-hosted, v5.3.75-C77.

We’ve removed the tab until the feature is supported.