Product price changing without my intervention

I have a line of products and I use Buy Now links to produce new invoices every time I click the link (then I can send the URL for the new invoice to the client). From time to time, a particular product’s price get changed without me changing it. So for example, if product #3 has always been 50 Euro, it can change to 100 Euro.

At first I thought I must have done something, but as it just happened for the second time, I’m sure there’s some bug that causes the change. I know I definitely didn’t do it.

Are you able to reproduce the problem?

Note: if you create a new invoice with the existing product with a different price by default the price (and existing buy now links) would be updated.

Not able to reproduce, last time it happened was a couple of weeks ago, today again, seems random.

I did not create a new invoice with a different price (the buy now link only opens a new invoice and doesn’t allow to change the price). But I did - and do - have different products with the same name (“Deposit”) but with different prices. Is it possible that a buy now link for product #1 with the name “Deposit” and the price “50” would cause product #2 with the name “Deposit” and price “100” to change to “50”?

The buy now link uses the product_id so it would always use the same product however when you save an invoice the code uses the product name to match it.

You can disable “Auto-update products” on /settings/products to prevent this, or make sure all products have distinct names.

Thank you