Product drop downs usually don't work

I have a self-hosted version of invoice ninja that runs pretty well overall. I’m using version v2.5.0.4 because my web host setup (Mediatemple) only supports up to PHP 5. . The problem I’m having is the drop down arrows used to pull up the various products we have entered rarely works. So we have to remember the product codes we’ve used. I believe this is a javascript issue of some sort but can’t seem to nail it down.

How can I get the dropdowns working to be able to scroll through our product library? I know on some websites I’ve built I’ve had to implement some older javascript to get the date drop downs to work on forms across all browsers.

Chris Blair

Forgot to mention, the problem is in Chrome, they work in Internet Explorer. And my PHP version is 5.5.35…not PHP 5.

Chris Blair

We saw the same problem with Chrome, in newer versions of the app we rewrote the product select to fix the issue.

Is there a way I could edit the code or add an older javascript or jquery routine that works in chrome? Here’s an example of one fix I implemented on some forms for a client website. It had a similar problem (in Chrome only) on a date picker drop down.

$( document ).ready(function() {

    $('head').append('<link rel="stylesheet" href="" type="text/css" />'),
    $.getScript( "//" ),
    $.Deferred(function( deferred ){
        $( deferred.resolve );
    $('body').css('padding-bottom', '200px'); // Set up min bottom padding for show the datepicker
    $('input[type=date]').each(function () {
        $(this).attr('type', 'text')
            .after($(this).clone().attr('id', + '_alt').attr('name', + '_alt')
                    // Consistent format with the HTML5 picker
                    dateFormat: 'mm/dd/yy',
                    changeMonth: true,
                    changeYear: true,
                    // yearRange: "1970:2060",
                    // isRTL: true,
                    altField: this,
                    altFormat: "yy-mm-dd"


You may be able to fix but I doubt it will be a small change. My guess is the simplest solution would be to switch to a server which supports more recent versions of PHP.

Ok…you’re probably right. I just have a lot of stuff setup on this server for my company and it would be a pain to migrate it to a new one. But probably less of a pain than for me to hack around !!! Thanks for the great service. By the way…while I’m self-hosting our install, I did sell your hosted system to my wife for use in her job at an apartment and storage facility complex. By switching to it for rent payments, their delinquencies virtually went away.

She would send each renter an invoice on the 25th of the month (they didn’t send anything before and it was all done by hand), and almost all of her tenants (roughly 200 total) now go online and pay using their debit cards! Not to mention she doesn’t have to carry around checks and run to the bank to make deposits.

I seriously can’t believe the number of businesses that don’t use tools like yours!

Chris Blair

That’s great to hear!