Product cost not working profit/loss

this field only how product cost in reports and not actually showing profit. when we sale one product cost price should minus from sale price. but it is not doing that.


The product cost is used to calculate the profit in the invoice item report.

The profit and loss report calculates profit by subtracting expenses from payments.

oh yes at invoice item report you have to select cost column.

but problem is if you are selling one product and after 6 month cost increased. now if you change the product cost it will also change the cost for all past invoice item also which is not good.

The product cost is stored on the invoice, if you change the cost it will only affect future invoices.


first screenshot have product cost $10. but when I increase the product cost to $20 it also change the old invoices cost.

The app will fallback to the current product cost if the invoice cost isn’t set.

Was the cost set before the other invoices were created?

doesn’t matter about the invoice. simple if you change the product cost it will change your all past invoices item cost.

I’m not able to reproduce it, which version of the app are you using?

i am using Version 5.7.62-W145

Do you see a difference in the web app?

Also, there’s a newer version of the Windows app available.

I created a test product on your demo. When i create the invoice product cost was 50. It was also showing on reports 50. but when i edit the cost price to 40. old invoice#0026 cost also changed.

I’m not sure, I can’t reproduce on the demo. The data is reset each hour but if you check now you’ll see the cost for the product called ITEM doesn’t match the invoice item report.

Are you able to share a screen recording showing your steps?

@hillel check screen recording Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Thanks for the video!

The data looks off to me, I’d expect all values to be formatted as money (ie. $20.00 vs 20).

Have you made any manual changes to the database?

no changes in the database.

your demo product cost works exactly the same way. if you change product cost it will change all old invoice item cost in reports.

The demo has fake data, the invoices don’t contain the product cost,

Please create a video showing the following steps:

  • Add product to invoice
  • Set invoice as sent so it appears in the reports
  • Review cost in report
  • Change the product cost
  • Review cost in report

please watch below video about product cost issue.

Thanks for the video, which version of the app is being used?

I am using Version 5.7.62-W145

I’m not sure why I can’t reproduce, can you try updating to the latest version of the Windows app.