Product Cost not reflected in reports

I have created an item and added a cost for it being $15 and price of $20. I added it to an invoice, marked the invoice as paid, but when I run any reports on it, including the invoice item report, the $15 cost does not show up anywhere so it appears as if the net on the invoice is $20. I am on the self hosted version. How can I view the product costs vs price on a report?

Thank you! Screenshot attached.


The line item profit can be viewed in the Flutter desktop/mobile apps in the invoice item report, this may need to be added in the React web app.

cc @david


Did you run a Product Sales Report?

Hi David - I ran the invoice item report and it’s picking up the cost but not extending it on desktop & iPhone apps. If my cost is $15 and the item price is $20 and I sell 5 of them, it is indicating my total cost is $15, not $15 per item ($75), so my profit shows as $85 instead of $25.