Problems with v5.1.14 and also with v5.3.33

I suggest checking in the heath check dialog that the changes to the .env file are being recognized by the app.

One final thing to change,

try changing the generator to hosted_ninja


I update with the new tests performed.

I have done again the installation and before starting the setup I have edited the .env and modified PDF_GENERATOR=snappdf and the first TEST button fails.

I have tried with PDF_GENERATOR=hosted_ninja and pressing the TEST button also fails.

Only with phantom the TEST button in the initial setup works.

I set phantom to make the TEST work and then before finishing the setup I set snappdf or hosted_ninja again and finish the setup process.

After that same behavior.

Can it be something about permissions in some folder or subfolder? I don’t understand that in the setup the TEST button works with phantom but then it doesn’t work.

I also don’t understand how snappdf or hosted_ninja don’t work from the beginning.

important update

I have managed to get it working.

It seems that commenting these two lines has made the PDF creation work. (facepalm)

Now I will start configuring everything according to the needs of the company, I hope I don’t have to come back here to bother hahahaha.

Thank you all very much for the help


I’ve found that you need to include
in the .env in addition to
to make it all work.

Thanks for sharing the solution!

cc @david