Problems with new v5 install

I am trying to install v5 and v4 under the same domain but in different subfolders.

so for


I am using deployer(dot)org to deploy both v4 and v5.

so the file paths become.



v1 is a symbolic link to home/files/invoice-ninja-v4/current/public
v2 is a symbolic link to home/files/invoice-ninja-v5/current/public

where ‘current’ is a symbolic link to home/files/invoice-ninja-v4/releases/1 and home/files/invoice-ninja-v5/releases/1 respectively.

v4 is working fine… but with v5 I get a 404 error, I am only able to get to work with index.php in the URL. so => invoice(dot)domain(dot)com/v2/index.php#/

any help to get it to work via the URL => invoice(dot)domain(dot)com/v2/#/

Thank you.


If you see index.php in the URL it usually means mod_rewrite needs to be enabled

Hi Hillel, I checked and I have mod_rewrite enabled, I tried a new setup

by installing invoiceninja v5 in a new folder “newtestv5” so the path is

created the symbolic link “test” to home/files/newtestv5/public

And this works fine.

I don’t know but it seems because invoice(dot)domain(dot)com/v2/ is a symbolic link to another symbolic link that is why it is not working.

but when I add +FollowSymLinks to home/files/invoice-ninja-v5/current/public/.htaccess file I get the error I get the error /home/domain(dot)com/public_html/v2/.htaccess: Option FollowSymLinks not allowed here

this means it works but I don’t know why the URL does not work as it should be.