Problems importing data from Wave


I’m trying to import my accounting data from Wave but I’m having trouble. I managed to transfer my expenses and clients over but I’m struggling with my invoices. They keep failing to import at all or all the fields are messed up. I even tried manually editing my CSV file to fit the headers for InvoiceNinja and still didn’t have any luck.

Does anyone have any tips?


The error I get is: “The following records failed to import, they either already exist or are missing required fields.”

I do still have the remnants of a previous attempt where the fields were messed up. I’ve deleted them but can still see them in the list with a strikethrough.


I suggest starting the import over using the ‘purge data’ option on Settings > Account Management. If you have deleted invoices it will prevent the invoice numbers from being used again.

Thanks - that and some further CSV tweeting seemed to fix the problem.