Problem with translation

I have a client set up with Spanish as his language. Earlier invoices that I sent to him worked correctly, ie: they were translated into Spanish. But now with the latest invoice the translation is not working.

The headings on the invoice all translate into Spanish, but the invoice items and descriptions that I have entered all appear in English. Nothing I do seems to work, the items keep staying in English.

Can someone help please? Thanks.


I’m not sure I understand, the app does not support auto-translating item details.

Note: if the client language is different than the company language you need to click “View in portal” to see the fully translated PDF.

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I’m aware that I must view in portal to see the translated invoice.

I’m new to Invoice Ninja. Maybe I’m mistaken, but I remember when I first signed up and started trying out features by creating ‘test’ invoices, my item details were auto translated. Now they are not.

I presumed I am doing something wrong; perhaps omitting something that I did earlier.

So there is no way to auto translate item details then?

Sorry, it sounds like a cool feature but it isn’t supported. If you invoice in multiple languages you may want to add the products multiple times, once for each language.

I think it should be an essential feature. What is the point of having auto translation if it doesn’t translate everything, meaning the user must do his/her own translating? When you really consider it you can’t escape the conclusion that it is, frankly, ridiculous.