Problem with translation (not find in the file)

Hello there,

I’m using the v5.5.49 self-hosted and I have a little problem with a translation in the invoice.

1 - The Product description has two “Taxe” names in the same place. One is the % of the taxe and the other is the amount of the taxe but both names are the same.

I look into the file “texts.php” and I changed one name and it changed both. exemple in the image.

2 - In the Service line, there’s one text I can’t find the translation “_amount_label”. also in the image.

Can someone help me with?


@david can you please advise?


Thanks for reporting this, i’ve checked a fix in for this.

Hello @david ,
Thank you.

Did you find something? Or can you tell me a quick fix that I can put into the code?

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I will tag a release now, it will be available shortly.

@david thank you for the information!