Problem with React UI

Hello guys

I migrated to V5 today. I installed it and do updates through installatron. I use version 5.4.11 of Invoice Ninja.

Now, I pushed the button to see the React UI and now my invoiceninja doesn’t seem to be working.

When I look in the dev tools, I get 404, the main problem is that it is trying to load the files (js, …) from the wrong URL location, it is just using my main ULR and not the URL where my invoiceninja is installed.

As example.

And it should be

THank you for this wonderfull product

Kind regards


Are you using 5.4.11 or 5.5.11? If 5.4.x I suggest upgrading.

You can run this SQL query to switch back to the Flutter app:

UPDATE accounts SET set_react_as_default_ap = 0;

Hi Hillel

Its 5.4.11, but Installatron manages my updates. So I’ll need to wait untill they make the update possible.

I’ll try the SQL query as what you wrote up there. I’ll let you know if its working.

Thanks for the help.

Hi Hillel

This seemed to fix the problem.

Thanks for the quick support!