Problem with icons

All of the icons seem to have changed to strange emoji-looking things.
Some are missing.

How can we fix this? v5.4.3-C85
Thank you.


Did anything change?

It may help to upgrade to the latest version of the app.

Nothing was changed. All of a sudden the icons were different, no upgrade or such.

We are not able to upgrade as the rest of the site will not run on php 8.1.

There was a bug like this in the past, it may help to update to the latest v5.4 release.

Prior to the php 8 requirement, I’ve been updating with the in-app update.

What is the process to update to 5.4? (as its not the most current release)

Thank you,

It should work to copy over the release zip

I’ve downloaded, are there any docs with the steps to update?
Don’t want to mess this up more in the process…:wink:

You should just need to copy it over. You can copy the env file and database to have a backup.

Note: I’m not sure if this will fix it, it would be best to update to the latest version.

OK, will try just unzipping over the top of the existing install.

What do you think caused this, it did not happen after an update - it just changed one day?

Updating to the 5.4.x version did not fix the problem with the weird icons.

Please advise,

I’m not sure, if you can’t upgrade to v5.5 you may want to try using the desktop app.

Where are these icons served from?

In the latest version of the app all files/assets are hosted locally

This is very strange - any idea what is going on ?
The icons magically fixed themselves, yesterday working fine. I was going to post here that they resolved today, but then this happened today:

All X’s - no icons at all. Any idea what is going on ?

I’m not sure, it’s clearly a bug. All I can suggest is to update to the latest v5.5.

Icons are back up today - very strange.

I appreciate the recommendation to update, but I have to say keeping up with the frequency of updates is exhausting. 5.5 requires a new version of php and extensions I’m not sure we have available. We need to focus on other aspects of our business, trying to update, chase bugs, fix errors after updates, etc is just too much.

Would hope the team can consider much less frequent updates and much more testing prior to releases.

PHP are regularly deprecating support for older versions of PHP, we put a lot of effort into the new releases to ensure our users are running a secure app.

We provide a hosted version of the app for people who don’t want to deal with updates.