Problem with Android invoiceninja app

Hello, I have been using Android app since a long time. But after the update since 2 months I have been experiencing a problem. When I click Invoices or Quotes menu in the right, it keeps loading and won’t show anything. While all the other menus like Projects, Items or Clients work perfectly well.
Is anything I should know that fix the problem?

Which exact versions of the web and mobile app are you using?

Web: 4.5.17
App: 0.1.57

It may help to update to the latest version of the web app

Done! Updated to 4.5.19 but the same problem with the app…
I can see in the first page of the app that 2 fields keep loading too…

Sorry, I’m not sure. If you want to add as a user I can try to debug it.

Do you think I should change some parameters here?

I don’t think it’s related to those settings